How Home Solar Warranties Work

Going solar is a long-term investment. You trust it will be on your roof for many years, quietly generating the clean energy you need and lowering – or in some cases completely eliminating – your electricity bills. At SunPower we are so confident in the efficiency and reliability of our industry leading SunPower Equinox™ solar solution that we back [...]

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SunPower Solar Panels vs. the Competition

If you're trying to determine who makes the best solar panels, here's a quick way to visualize the difference between SunPower solar panels and conventional solar panels. Read more SunPower Blog posts for educational information about how to go solar: Related posts How to Buy Solar Panels: FAQs About Solar Financing How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? How [...]

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Q&A: How Homeowners Best High Summer Bills With Solar

The first day of summer is June 20, bringing with it a season of outdoor barbecues, long lazy afternoons and lots of sunshine. But as the temperatures increase, we know homeowners turn up their air conditioners to stay cool and comfortable and that leads to an unfortunate result: high electric bills. Avoiding this seasonal financial [...]

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Want the Best Solar Panels? Choose the Right Solar Installer

At SunPower friends and family often ask us: “Where can I buy solar panels?” But what they’re really asking is: “How can I buy solar panels and get them installed on my house?” In general, consumers don’t directly buy their own solar panels. Instead, homeowners work with solar installers, such as our certified SunPower dealers, [...]

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Get Longer Solar Panel Lifespan With SunPower

Wondering how long solar panels last? Solar panel life expectancy relies on the solar cells inside. In this solar cell comparison video, we line up a SunPower® cell against a conventional cell to test which breaks first under stress. If you want a longer solar panel lifespan, choose SunPower. Learn more facts about [...]

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Five-Step Guide to How Solar Panels Are Installed

Wondering how to install home solar panels? We explain the process in this quick five-step guide, the second in a three-part blog series about solar panel installation. This is the second in a three-part blog series about installing solar panels. While solar panel installation has become simpler over the years, it’s certainly not a typical [...]

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